[  ] Visit every hemisphere

[  ] Have a piece of custom clothing made in Hoi An

[x] Dig up fossils in an ancient sea bed in Utah

[x] Watch a show on Broadway

[x] Visit the Medieval Torture Museum in France

[  ] Visit Harry Potter world in Orlando. Cry eyes out.

[x] Get a Thai massage in Thailand

[  ] Play an instrument on the streets of a foreign country

[  ] Find a Four Leaf Clover

[  ] Have a seance

[  ] Watch the entire extended Lord of The Rings Trilogy in one weekend.

[x] Skinny dip

[x] See a Cirque de Soleil show

[x] Host a foreign exchange student

[x] Go to a drive-in movie

[  ] Have a kiss on New Year’s Eve at midnight

[  ] Get a (small) tattoo

[  ] Feel an Earthquake

[  ] Sit in the same cafe that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter in.

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