Food to Try

[x] Eat tapas in Madrid

[x] Try Escargot

[x] Try egg coffee

[x] Try a Durian

[x] Eat pizza in the restaurant where it was invented

[ ] Eat stingray meat

[x] Eat Shark meat

[x] Eat water buffalo in Asia

[x] Try bone marrow

[  ] Try Guinea pig

[ ] Cook something after catching it.

[ ] Go wine tasting

[ ] Drink tea in England

[x] Have clam chowder in a bread bowl in San Francisco

[x] Eat Tiramisu in Italy

[x] Drink Kona coffee in Kona

[  ] Drink Columbian coffee in Columbia

[x] Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong

[x] Eat “Ice cream bean”

[x] Eat a dragon fruit

[ ] Try elk meat

[ ] Eat Sushi in Japan

[ ] Pub hop in Ireland

[x] Eat creme brule in France

[x] Eat a tarantula in Cambodia

[x] Try Miracle Berry tablets, then eat a lemon

[x] Try snake wine in Laos

[ ] Milk a cow (or any animal)

[x] Eat gelato in Italy

[x] Make eclairs from scratch

[x] Make French macaroons from scratch

[x] Successfully make a soufflé from scratch

[x] Take Thai cooking classes in Thailand

[x] Take Spanish cooking classes in Spain

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