Pub Street, Siem Reap

Cambodia, Siem Reap

I explore Siem Reap’s famous Pub Street & the local night market

August 2015



The street was packed with people, and loud music spilled out from the colorful bars and restaurants. Tuk Tuk drivers catcalled and relentlessly offered tuk tuk rides. This got on our nerves pretty quick, but one of the drivers said, “I will tuk tuk you to the moon!” which was pretty funny.

We even spotted the elusive “batmobile tuk tuk,” which I had heard was an easter egg of Siem Reap to keep your eyes out for.



On our first night, we ate dinner at a Cambodian cuisine restaurant. The area was exremely touristy, and probably overpriced, but it was still nice to get a taste of Cambodian seasoning. I had a soup that was supposedly a common family dinner dish in Cambodian cuisine.

We saw a rooftop karaoke bar, hotpot restaurants, as well as the beautifully graffitied “Angkor What?” bar.







While Pub Street itself is just one street, the surrounding area was full of markets and kiosks, mostly offering tourist-oriented goods.


We were in Siem Reap for such a short amount of time that we didn’t really establish our barings.





One of the best moments I had during our exploration of Siem Reap’s urban night market  was stumbling across a stand selling fried insects.

I love trying weird food, and I had missed out on experiencing fried bugs during my travels through Thailand, so I immediately bought a freshly fried tarantula! Seasoned with salt, pepper, and hot chilies, the critter actually didn’t taste that bad. The legs tasted like crispy potato chips, and the torso tasted like a shrimp (albeit the bitter part near the head).


Overall, we only scratched the surface of Siem Reap. From my limited experience, I wasn’t a huge fan of the city. The achitecture (excluding Angkor Wat, of course) was a bit run-down industrial, and we never really had a great experience with the people of the country. However, I want to emphasize that this negative view was most likely due to the miniscule amount of time we were able to explore.



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