Hoi An Beach

Hoi An, Vietnam

I visit one of Hoi An’s lovely beaches.

August 2015

Hoi An was an extremely diverse place to visit in terms of how much there is to do.

One of the activities that I didn’t expect to be so much fun was our brief trip to the beach.


The sand was soft, their were plenty of chairs and shade, and the bucket boats were picturesque. Even the view was gorgeous, with Danang’s city skyline against a blue sky.



The sand was extremely soft, and the water was the warmest that I have ever experienced.


It was fun to watch little tan crabs scurry and find shelter in little burrows.


Our fun was a bit ruined when one of my travel companions got stung by a jellyfish!! She had been stung before, so she wasn’t too worried, and was a good sport about it. We joked about peeing on her if we needed to. We decided to leave and get some coconuts to sip on. While we sat down in the shade and chilled, we saw a big gust of wind pick up and knock some donuts off of a vendor’s stall. The vendor bent down, picked them up off the dirty ground, and put them back on the display! After we laughed, we called her out and said jokingly, “hey, we saw that!” and she laughed back at us, but of course still didn’t discard the donuts.



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