Swan boats in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

Of the more comical excursions during our travels was swan paddle-boating in Hanoi.

We had been wandering Old Quarter for the better portion of a day, and the rain had never ceased. Monsoon season was truly upon us, and the humidity mixed with rain and sweat meant that we were constantly drenched and a bit cranky.

During our wanderings, we spotted some swan boats eerily floating on a massive empty lake.


Swan Boats!

This was too ridiculous of a situation for us to refuse, and we went in to the business next to the boats. There was a restaurant on the top level with a view of the lake, and we ordered some watered-down pina coladas since we kept getting “caught in the rain.”


Business is booming.

After our snack, we paired up and hopped onto the boats.


Off to adventures!

The buildings against the skyline were diverse, and the lake seemed to stretch on for miles and miles.


Hanoi’s eclectic skyline



Reprieve from the rain

We were the only souls out on the massive lake, and the only ones willing to traverse the rain & gloom.


So Majestic

The person I paired up with was too tall to fit in our boat, and he ended up resorting to peddling with his hands, which was extremely comical.




Having a magical time in Vietnam


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