Pho the very first time

food, Hanoi, Vietnam

My first experience eating pho in Vietnam.

July 2015

After a while of wandering around Old Quarter in the rain, our stomachs couldn’t wait any longer and we had to stop for food. We went to a little hole-in-the-wall business that was selling pho.

Sitting down on tiny plastic benches, getting splattered by rain that came down around the umbrellas, and being served hot steaming pho was one of my favorite moments in Vietnam. The family that was running the little business didn’t speak a single word of english, but they laughed jovially with us as we, drenched, dug into our pho.


Fantastic pho

We were given fresh herbs (including Thai basil and mint), limes, and the most amazing hot sauce. The pho contained various types of meat, each one more delicious than the last. The noodles were light and slippery and satisfying in the broth. If you think that soup is usually delicious on a rainy day, you can’t even phathom how perfect this pho was.


Pho Shizzle

I even had to take my glasses off, as they were steaming up


Glasses off to enjoy my pho

Bucket list item: check!


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