Egg Coffee

Hanoi, Vietnam

I try a beverage that is only available in Hanoi.

July 2015


Egg Coffee: A Hanoi treat

Egg coffee is exactly what it sounds like: Coffee brewed with an egg!

Well, an egg yolk, but you get the idea.

It sounds a bit gross, but the most appetizing ways I’ve heard it described involves comparing the beverage to custard or tiramisu.

You don’t have to make a pilgrimage to Hanoi’s famous egg coffee mecca to enjoy this delicacy: there are signs up in cafes all over the city that advertize egg coffee as a menu item.

Egg coffee was one of the dishes that I was most looking forward to trying while in Hanoi, especially since this delicacy isn’t (popularly) available anywhere else in the country. I was hoping to find one of the hidden gem secret-rooftop cafes that serve egg coffee,but because our time in the city was limited, I ended up just popping into the closest cafe to our hostel.

The coffee was mostly thick, milky foam, with a bit of liquid cold coffee at the bottom. We were also served some hot green tea. The egg coffee was definitely a dessert item, and our stomachs felt a bit weird for two hours afterward (not the best thing to drink after spending all day walking), but it was absolutely delicious!

Bucket list item: check!

Would I recommend? Absolutely! Don’t miss it!


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