Bahn Mi

food, Hanoi, Vietnam

Bahn Mi (Bami) in Hanoi, Vietnam

I try Vietnam’s iconically delicious sandwich.

August 2015

Anyone who knows my eating habits can tell you that I am not a huge sandwich fan.

That being said, I always have to try the local cuisine.

In addition to my curiosity, all of my travel companions were raving about the bahn mi sandwiches that they ordered at simple stalls throughout the city.

We had gotten into the habbit of having four meals a day, which was necessary since we were awake for so long and burning so many calories by walking through the city.

I believe I ordered a pork bahn mi, and it was delicious. Nothing I would tell my grandkids about, but delicious nonetheless. There’s something about the way that  French and East-Asian influences connect that makes Vietnamese cuisine absolutely immaculate.


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