Kuang Xi Waterfalls

Laos, Luang Prabang

I visit the most beautiful waterfall of my life.

July 2015

Kuang Xi (sometimes spelled Kuang Si) is one of Southeast Asia’s most famous natural attractions.

When visiting Laos, it is a must to put on your bucket list.

We booked a van with our hostel to take us on the ~20 mile journey to & from the falls.

This was a great way to meet some of the other young travelers staying in the hostel. We were smushed together in an otherwise comfortable, air conditioned van. It’s also possible to take a Tuk Tuk or public bus to the falls, but I would recommend the air conditioned route. It’s also possible to bike all the way there, if you are looking for more of a demanding nature experience.

The area we were dropped off in looked like a scene from Indiana Jones.


Marketplace in front of the entrance to the national park

We payed the 20,000 kip (about 3 US dollars) entrance fee, and began our short hike through the jungle toward the falls.

A bit before the falls, there is a rescue center for black bears


Asiatic Black Bear Rescue Centre

We stopped by briefly to watch the lazy bears oaf about in their habitat, and continued hiking through the jungle.


Toward the main falls


Kuang Xi Waterfalls

It might be a bit difficult to see, but for a better scale of how absolutely massive these waterfalls are, take a look at the tiny pink dots that are people standing on one of the falls.


Exploring Kuang Xi

No pictures are able to do Kuang Xi justice.


Pristine pools of Kuang Xi


A young monk tries to capture the perfection of the falls on his cellphone

We were given 4 hours to explore the area. There are plenty of hikes to take around the national park, and you can swim in most of the pools, unless marked otherwise. Our time here whizzed by, and we understood why some people in our hostel came back for two days in a row.


Exploring Kuang Xi waterfalls


Swimming & Hiking at Kuang Xi










View from the very top of the falls. Note the scale: people at the very bottom!


Majestic Kuang Xi

This is one item that I feel incredibly lucky to cross off of my bucket list.



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