The Grand Palace


I visit the magnificent palace in Bangkok.

June 21, 2015

I have been putting off writing this entry for a few months now. I somehow lost my original journal entry from Bangkok, which was very extensive and took a long time to write. I’ve been too frustrated to rewrite the whole thing, not to mention the fact that a lot of the details are lost from my memory. This is a shortened version of my original account, but I think the pictures say it better than I ever could.


After Wat Pho, we headed to the Grand Palace.

Heading toward the Grand Palace

Heading toward the Grand Palace

Compared to the previous few destinations, The Grand Palace was crowded. Swarms of people in brightly colored temple-appropriate clothes fussed over tickets and maps.

The entrance to the Grand Palace

The entrance to the Grand Palace

Our massive tour group took a very long time to distribute tickets, get our appropriate shawls on, run to the bathroom, and keep eyes on our buddies.

While waiting in front of the entrance, I saw a group of seven or so Thai guards, dressed in militant uniforms. They marched in perfect synchronicity, holding large rifels at the ready. They went by too fast for me to snap a picture, but it was very daunting!

We finally entered the palace grounds, and were met with an overwhelming scene of opulence.


grand palace bangkok thailand

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Massive golden structures towered before us, glimmering and glinting in the hot Thai sun.

Harmony bells twinkled over the buzz of tourists below.


Harmony bells on the glimmering temples of the Grand Palace


Throngs of Tourists at the beginning of the Grand Palace

Monks beelined through the crowd, adding splashes of orange into an already polychromatic sea of people.


Monks at the Grand Palace

Giant demons guarded entryways


Massive Thai demon statues


Thai demon

Before coming to Thailand, I did hours upon hours of research during my freetime, reading blog posts from travelers and finding out as much as I could about all the places I was excited to see. However, nothing prepared me for this. I thought that Wat Pho was just one of the buildings of the Grand Palace, not an entirely separate network of buildings. Official maps of the Grand Palace had the buildings completely out of scale, making the grounds look infitesimal compared to their actual size.

We explored the palace for a two hour period that felt more like 20 minutes.


Having a Grand ol’ time.

We gaped up at the sparkling edifices with wide eyes.


Heading toward the Grand Palace

Many of the buildings were decorated with coatings of real gold leaf


Gold detail on one of the Palace buildings

The immense size of the buildings were indeed impressive, but the true breathtaking factor was in the elaborate detail.


Detail at the Grand Palace


Massive ornately decorated buildings


At the Grand Palace


Demons at the Grand Palace

Giant vases full of water lilies throughout the palace grounds

Giant vases full of water lilies throughout the palace grounds

The Royals' quarters at the Grand Palace

The Royals’ quarters at the Grand Palace

There really isn’t much to say about the grand palace besides the fact that it was¬†absolutely breathtakingly ubelievable.

We were practically dead after exploring so many temples throughout the day, especially since many of us had just flew in to Bangkok the previous day. It took all of our willpower not to fall asleep on the tourbus on the way to dinner.

We ended off our tour with a dinner show, at which we were served multiple different types of curries that we could eat with our rice. The show consisted of traditional Thai dancing, in beautiful dress. The dances are very slow and very exact, and the backdrops were pretty hokey, but it was overall a pretty enjoyable end to our day.

Dinner show

Dinner show


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