Sky Bar, Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

I visit one of the world’s highest rooftop bars and buy my first drink.


After a long day of visiting Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the marvelous Grand Palace, we were a perfect mix of exhausted and excited.

I somehow managed to convince 27 people to come with me to Skybar, Bangkok’s most famous rooftop bar. The bar got its fame from being featured in the sequel to The Hangover. I really wanted to see the city skyline from somewhere glamorous, especially since we never managed to make it to the world’s highest bar when we were in Hong Kong.
All twenty-something of us piled into the streets, it was a massive crowd and we joked that we were mobbing Bangkok. We made it to the BTS (Bangkok skytrain) station, and tried to figure out where we needed to get from there. We had no internet, so the only sense of direction I had was from looking up the station online before leaving. Other than that, I hoped it would just be straightforward.
After fumbling with coins and maps for a bit, we headed down the escalator. Me and another person were in front of the pack, and we hopped down the escalator that was pointed to us. Halfway down, someone from above shouted, “wait!! I think that’s the wrong way” We stumbled on the escalator, debating whether we should run backwards against the escalator’s flow, or to just ride all the way down and come back up. We decided to ride all the way down and come back up, but after getting onto the ascending escalator, the rest of our massive group were descending on the parallel stairs. “Nevermind, I was right the first time.”
We had to then ride the escalator all the way up, and ride it down again. It was such a long ride, that toward the back, someone riding on the parallel escalator asked us, “wait, are we going up again?” When she saw us.
Finally, we made it to the skytrain, and piled into a single cabin. We were high energy at this point, excitedly jabbering to everyone we had just met during the day. Unfortunately, this was at the expense of the locals taking the skytrain home from their jobs, because we created quite the cacaphony of loud American voices. Thai culture is very reserved and quiet, so any time we had a group conversation, it felt out of place. Unfortunately, we didn’t know how to quiet down without ceasing to speak entirely, so we just barreled ahead.
We had to switch stations once, but eventually reached our destination successfully. We made it onto the street and felt pretty turned around. We walked in a random direction, hoping for signs to Lebua tower.
Suddenly, the iconic tower appeared very obviously in front of us.

Lebua Tower, with Skybar's golden dome at its peak

Daytime view of Lebua Tower, with Skybar’s golden dome at its peak

The golden dome of the skybar glowed yellow before us. With new energy, we briskly walked in the tower’s general direction. After nervously crossing a street or two, we entered into the hotel’s lobby. We had a rough start speaking to a woman working for Lebua, as some of our outfits didn’t align with the swanky dress codes of the tower. We saw some other guests wearing high heels and fancy dresses. Luckily, I was still wearing my outfit from the temples, so I was fine. I had to lend a pair of shoes to one girl, and then we were ok to go up.
We were ushered into the golden-doored elevators, doorman and all, and 60 floors later we stepped out onto the rooftop.
The interior of the bar was pristine, with blue-ish lighting and giant vases full of fresh flowers. We stepped out through the glass doorway onto the terrace. The massive white pillars of the dome stretched up into the black sky.

Skybar's golden dome

Skybar’s golden dome

The view of the city was breathtaking, and we seemed to hover far above every other skyscraper.

Bangkok's skyline from above

Bangkok’s skyline from above

Around the terrace were lavish cushioned couches, and we lounged on them while looking out over the city.

Feelin classy

Feelin classy

It was fun to flip through the extensive drink menu, and we gawked at the ridiculously expensive prices. The cheapest drinks were 600 baht (usually drinks are around 60 baht). There were even a few menu items over 1000 baht ($32!). There was also a drink named after The Hangover (Hangovertini) since this was the location that was used to film the sequel to The Hangover.
I bought my first ever drink, which was The Sunset: cherry, pineapple, and vanilla. We each took tiny sips of each other’s drinks, but most people agreed that mine was one of the best.

Cocktails on top of the world

Cocktails on top of the world

It was 600 baht ($17), which is ridiculously expensive, but we were paying for the experience. Who else can claim that their first drink was on top of a famous bar overlooking Bangkok? Besides, if this same bar were in America, the prices would be closer to $200. A lot of other people in our group decided not to throw down the money, and they just sat around the perimeter of the bar instead. I agree that it was a lot of money, but I absolutely do not regret my purchase.
We lounged for a while, enjoying the view and reflecting on our first day in Thailand. Some people had difficulty staying awake after such a long day.

Skybar, Bangkok

Skybar, Bangkok

As exhausted as we were, we felt extremely posh, like billionaires with no limits. The bar was so high up that a cool breeze whipped through the crowd, and for the first time since arriving in Bangkok, it didn’t feel intensely hot.
I felt like I was on top of the world.



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