My first Thai street food experience


On my first free day in Bangkok, I stumbled across a cart vendor pouring batter on to a griddle. I later came to learn that this crispy pancake is called Khanom Bueang

bangkok vender market

A street vendor in the heart of Bangkok

The small side street that the cart was on was absolutely devoid of any tourists, so I felt like I had found somewhere very local. The vendor poured a white-tan batter on a hot, flat surface. The batter spread out just like crepes, but the circles were much smaller. The sign said “25 baht” (less than 1 US dollar) so I decided to give one a try.
The vender scooped up the cooked “crepes” and spread a white marshmallow fluff onto them. She then topped them with a shredded fruit/vegetable that was bright orange. To my delight, she filled up an entire box full of them! For less than a dollar, this was a huge deal.

thai sweet vendor

Thai street food: cookies!

The vendor spoke no english, and I felt very confident when I told her, “hello, thank you” and “delicious!”in Thai as she gave me a reassuring smile, saying “kah, aroy mak!” (Yes, very delicious!)
I bit into my first cookie, which was still warm from the griddle, and practically melted with delight. The “crepe” was actually more akin to a homemade fortune cookie, which was flaky, crispy, but dissolved like french meringue. The marshmallow fluff was warm and gooey, and the orange fruit shredded on top was candied. At first, I thought it was candied orange peel, but now my guess is closer to tamarind. Definitely one of the best mystery foods I have had during all my time in Thailand! Any guesses as to what these are called would be much appreciated.


Here’s the wikipedia page on “Khanom Bueang” The white filling that I think was marshmallow fluff is usually actually coconut cream. And the orange strips were not a fruit or vegetable at all: They were sweet egg  yoke strips!! Known as “Koi Fong.”




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