My first Thai street food experience


On my first free day in Bangkok, I stumbled across a cart vendor pouring batter on to a griddle.

bangkok vender market

A street vendor in the heart of Bangkok

The small side street that the cart was on was absolutely devoid of any white people, and I felt like I had found somewhere very local. The vendor poured a white-tan batter on a hot, flat surface. The batter spread out just like crepes, but the circles were much smaller. The sign said “25 baht” (lesss than 1 US dollar) so I decided to give one a try.
The vender scooped up the cooked “crepes” and spread a white marshmallow fluff onto them. She then topped them with a shredded fruit/vegetable that was bright orange. To my delight, she filled up an entire box full of them! For less than a dollar, this was a huge deal.

thai sweet vendor

Thai street food: cookies!

The vendor spoke no english, and I felt very confident when I told her, “hello, thank you” and “delicious!”in Thai as she gave me a reassuring smile, saying “kah, aroy mak!” (Yes, very delicious!)
I bit into my first cookie, which was still warm from the griddle, and practically melted with delight. The “crepe” was actually more akin to a homebaked fortune cookie, which was flaky, crispy, but dissolved like french meringue. The marshmallow fluff was warm and gooey, and the orange fruit shredded on top was candied. At first, I thought it was candied orange peel, but now my guess is closer to tamarind. Definitely one of the best mystery foods I have had during all my time in Thailand! Any guesses as to what these are called would be much appreciated.


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