Victoria Peak

China, Hong Kong

I see Hong Kong from a gorgeous vantage point.

After a bit of confusion over finding an ATM, we hopped in line for the old tram car. Standing in line was covered in shade, and it didn’t feel like we waited for too long. Along the wall were pictures of a coloring book page of the peak tram, with hundreds of artist’s interpretations. They were fun to look at while we waited.
Soon, the cherry red tram rumbled its way around the bend and towards us. The seats were wooden benches, and were surprisingly comfortable. There was slight air conditioning, but the sunlight felt good on my arms.

Riding the Peak Tram

Riding the Peak Tram

The tram bumped its way up the track, and we slowly rose above the street line. We passed under vine covered bridges and through ground-level neighborhoods.
Soon, the urban buildings gave way to tropical foliage. Soon after that, the tropical foliage gave way to views of the city. The skies were blue with puffy white clouds. If it weren’t for the unfamiliar heat, I’d say it was a near perfectly beautiful day.
The tram spit us out in Tourist Trap central. A gaudy gift shop with souvenirs galore. There was a big glass case with a bunch of wooden music boxes, a selection of paper fans, hundreds of magnets, and tray after tray of jewelry. We couldn’t help but browse for a bit, even though we knew everything here would be massively overpriced compared to the same items at street markets.
Eventually, we dragged our way out of the gift shop. The building connected to a huge mall, which was a funny thing to have at the top of a mountain, but hey, it’s Hong Kong. We had to ride up flight after flight of escalators before reaching the point where we could escape into the outdoors.

Victoria Peak Galleria

Victoria Peak Galleria

On the way up, we passed more gift shops, as well as high end clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, and even a Bubba Gump’s. A Madam Tusad’s wax museum was also at this location. Finally, we found a way out of the mall and towards one of the vista points. As nice as the air conditioning was, it was nicer to finally leave the maze of materialism.
A lightly colored cobblestone pathway lead us toward a vantage point over the city. Venders sold paintings from the shade of the cliffside. We stepped through archways onto a ledge.

Entering the Ledge

Entering the Ledge

The view was everything it had been hyped up to be. I was shocked at how little smog there was, since this is one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

Peak view

Peak view

The white and silver skyscrapers stretched up towards the blue sky. The contrast between the jungle greenery and the urban city was striking.

From the top of Victoria Peak

From the top of Victoria Peak

Eventually, we had our fill and took the tram back down from The Peak.


One thought on “Victoria Peak

  1. Looks like your camera is perming well. I suppose the food images you posted were mage with the camera preset for that subject.


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