Hello, Hong Kong


Day (evening) 1

Bright Lights, Big City

I really have no idea how long I traveled from Sacramento, to LA, to Hong Kong. All I know is that I woke up at 5:00am on Tuesday, and arrived at our hotel at 10:00pm on Wednesday. Time zones are confusing and I don’t feel like doing the math. All I know is that I went the entire time without sleeping, brushing my teeth, or applying deodorant.
My hair is greasy, my teeth are fuzzy, and my exhaustion is exhausting. And I am in love with this city.
Our flight on Cathay Pacific was amazing. I’d never been on an international airline that provided so many luxuries; big woven blankets, complimentary wine, a map of our current position, and scores upon scores of newly released movies to choose from. We ended up arriving an hour ahead of schedule.
The airport reminds me of the Sac one. I was really surprised to find how lo-tech it was compared to LAX. That being said, HK beats out every other airport for efficiency. Our bags were already waiting for us on the turnstile. We zipped through customs, barely even having time to fill out the little questionnaire before handing in our passports.
Finding out how to get to the hotel was an adventure. Two Hong Kong locals in bright pink “airport ambassador!” shirts were SO helpful, they walked us through the airport, helping us get Octopus cards and letting us know which bus routes to take.The bus ride took forever, despite the lack of traffic, and we weren’t entirely sure when the best place for us to get off was. We’ll definitely take the shuttle on the way back.
We stepped off the bus into a humid world. The city lights are beautiful, and I am absolutely in love with this city. Giant skyscrapers with futuristic light projections hover above traditional chinese pharmacies. Bamboo scaffolding, produce markets, and skyscraper after skyscraper.
Since we couldn’t use GPS on our phones, we had to use an actual physical map (barbaric!). It was stressful getting there, but it was really only a fifteen minute walk. By that point, we were all feeling cranky, but surprisingly we all made it out alive without an ounce of jetlag.

After dropping off our bags, we hit the street again for food. We were impatient, but still managed to find a decent mom-&-pop place.  We ended up finding a mom&pop joint that met our expectations. Through many hand movements and menu-pointing, I ordered smoked duck over a bed of rice, boiled cabbage, and a marinated egg. For a drink, I ordered Red Bean & Milk. It was a pretty adventurous choice, but I was the only one who was 100% satisfied with my choice. The drink was delicious! And had full beans at the bottom of the glass.

Red bean drink, Smoked duck, & marinated egg

Red bean drink, Smoked duck, & marinated egg

By this point, it was 10:00pm.

Stumbling across a street market in Wan Cai, Hong Kong

Stumbling across a street market in Wan Cai, Hong Kong

On our way back, we stopped by a street market. Fresh fish in tanks, sweetly scented fruits.

Pick a fish, have it cooked for you!

Pick a fish, have it cooked for you!

Our view from the hotel is amazing. A gorgeous skyline from the top floor. We can even see the corner of the Horse Race course. The picture at the top was taken from behind a window covered in condensation.


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