Hang Gliding

California, U.S.A

Hang Gliding Lessons… flying on my own.

September 2012

Yeah, I set this glider up. Be impressed. Yeah, I flew this glider fifteen feet in the air on my first lesson. Be impressed. The large dog lying in the shade might give you some idea of proportional size; this one is the smaller glider.

After driving about an hour and a half into the middle of nowhere, my dad and I took Hang Gliding lessons.

Putting up the Glider took about another hour and a half, and taking it down took about another hour and a half. An old black dog with greying fur watched us ritualistically go through the motions of putting up and taking down the poles and tarp, and then lay down lazily in the new shade.

Overall, the hassle (and the money) just weren’t worth it in the long run, and we stopped after the third lesson.

However, in the few hours that I did do the actual hang gliding, it was fantastic and unforgettable. I flew!! On my own! No tandem for me. The teacher also mentioned that I was one of the best first-time flyers he had ever taught. I would normally assume he said that to everyone, but we were in a decently sized group and no one else received as much praise.

It helps to only weigh about 100 pounds, I suppose. More aerodynamic.

If I would have continued with the classes, I would have been eligble for a Hang Gliding license after three or so more lessons, but I really wouldn’t have gone out and bought myself a glider, so nothing lost, I suppose.

Bucket list item complete!


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