Breakfast in Paradise

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Kauai Breakfast: Dragon Fruit, Handpicked Lime, and Kona Coffee

By far one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Breakfast and a View

Breakfast and a View

Locally grown dragon fruit, recently purchased at a farmer’s market near Kauai’s North Shore:

I had never tried dragon fruit before, and had heard a lot about how the flavor was very mild, verging on bland. However, upon my first spoonful of the bright pink flesh dotted with happy black seeds, I was delightfully surprised. In my opinion, the fruit isn’t nearly as bland as most claim. The best way I can think to describe this new flavor is that it is a cross between a watermelon and a strawberry, if they were both very watered down. The texture was slightly thicker than jello. Very smooth.

Fresh picked lime from the garden outside of our private beach house.

That’s right, I picked this myself. The gardens around the beach house that my family were residing during our stay in Kauai were full of rare orchids, plumeria trees, and tropical fruit trees. Surrounding the gardens was a further expanse of jungle, so that no fence was needed around the property. Here is a photo of me harvesting papayas from right in our temporary backyard! I also used some unripe bananas from the yard (you can see a bunch of them in the background) to make fried salted “plantain” chips.

Harvesting papayas from the jungle trees

Harvesting papayas from the jungle trees

But that’s getting off-topic.

I squirted a bit of this lime onto the dragon fruit, which not only enhanced the dragon fruit’s delicate flavor, but gave it an enjoyable tang. The two fruits complimented each other in a way that was very refreshing.

Kona Coffee recently purchased at Kona (unpictured).

We had earlier gotten a bag of coffee beans in Kona, and my uncle and grandparents chugged it down throughout the week. This was my last chance to try some, and I took advantage of the final pot.

Of course, this wasn’t nearly enough calories for a full breakfast, so I snacked on some crackers before leaving the house for more adventures


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